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Student Found Money

Committed Future Earnings

Drowning in Financial Paperwork?


Everything was well organized and very clearly explained. I enthusiastically recommend this to everyone.

Kathy D.

The file kit and tools to get started is 100% motivational. A very high value at a low cost.

Linda W.

I am so very glad you stated these classes – Thank you!

Pat P.

Highly knowledgeable – expertise. Awesome!! I had my doubts at first but I’m very happy with the course.

Frank H.

The power of knowledge. Knowing there is help!

Brigitte B.

Love the file cabinet. Great job!

Mark H.

Love the pre-completed file box and forms. Your passion is impressive!


Learning the importance of being organized was most effective. Very well done!


I found the preconfigured file system most effective.


Reality check. Map of where you are.


The level of info, and the way it was presented was most effective.

Travis W.

I am impressed by the organization box and the flow of the class.

Linda L.

I found most effective, getting organized. The process is logical and well thought out. It easy to understand and should be easy enough to implement – just what I needed!! I’m glad I bought it!

Dian H.

I learned a lot and look forward to how much more I can learn to better my and my family’s future. Thank you!!

Jennifer S.

I love the positive affirmation exercises and the file system. I would never be able to put it together by myself.

Nancy T.

Loved the organized approach – the kit will help tremendously!

Debbi C.

Loved it all!


I love the fact that you are willing to research questions you couldn’t answer.


I love the file kit it’s so helpful to initiate the organization and put a plan into place without running to the office supply store.

Cheryl R.

Very helpful classes I learn something new all the time.


Everything was very helpful. I love this!

Debbie C.

I really enjoyed the class – all the handouts – challenging and effective.

Diane H.

The to do list is a great idea!


I love the net worth and committed future earnings worksheets. Very, very informative!


‘Real’ info, direction. I highly recommend this to everyone.

Pam B.

I know I won’t remember everything. That’s why the DVD is so great. I can go back and review whatever I want – whenever I want!

Pam U.

Practical, positive, information.


What I like most is the sense of power and HOPE I feel now about getting a handle on my finances.


I really don’t like working with my finances, and that’s not about Prosperity Training! The classes forced me out of my comfort zone and forced me to think about one of my false limiting beliefs (That a single woman can’t be prosperous).


It was easy and well thought out!


Looking at percentages of each expense and how they applied to total net income. All of the handouts were great and showed great thought in developing them.


I thought I knew it all only to find out how much I didn't know. I've already saved the cost of tuition 3 times over!

McHenry, IL

The Budget Enhancing Tips (B.E.T.s™) are great and already have saved me the cost of the course!

McHenry, IL

My wife and I are starting to get on the same page. You and my wife have opened my eyes on many things and I want to thank you on that.

McHenry, IL

Thank you for all your time and efforts – what a great class!!

McHenry, IL

What I liked most about the course was learning the skills to become organized and getting the tools and support to actually get started!!

McHenry, IL

The Wealth of knowledge that Barb has is extraordinary. I could listen to her for hours. Class is always interesting and never boring. Kudos to Barb!

McHenry, IL

I absolutely will recommend these courses to friends, family and everyone!!


Love it all!!!!

Wonder Lake, IL

This is a great service to the community!

Crystal Lake, IL

I'm so very glad you started these classes -- Thank you!!!


Fun & Friendly and informative.


Thank you for the course!! and the help!! Looking forward to the next class!


Highly knowledgeable - experience. Awesome job. I had my doubts at first but I'm very happy with the class.

McHenry, IL

Your passion is impressive.

McHenry, IL

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