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We are dedicated to helping our students get on the path to financial freedom by teaching them how to build a solid money management foundation and providing the tools needed for success.

Barbara Mikula

Barbara Mikula

Barbara Mikula, President and Trainer

Barbara has over 17 years experience in the mortgage industry, was licensed nationally and in Illinois and Wisconsin. She held advanced certification—CMPS® (Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist)—few mortgage consultants ever attain.

In Barbara’s years of helping people in every varied and financial situation as a mortgage consultant, she had the privilege of seeing into the financial lives of hundreds of people. She saw how couples and individuals from all walks of life struggle with money and disorganization.

Barbara and her husband Ed have had their own fair share of basic money management struggles during their 27 years of marriage.  In 2008, their income was cut by 60%! They lost their health insurance and the $1400 a month COBRA payment was just like getting hit with another mortgage payment.  Also, the value of their real estate holdings dropped over 30%.

Barbara got serious about money management and used organization as a means to reduce expenses. Based on her successful system,  she created Getting on the Map to help others, once and for all, take control of their finances.

What we are NOT:

We are not Financial Planners, Investment Advisers, Insurance Salesmen, Mortgage Brokers, Accountants, or Attorneys.

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