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My first experience with prescription glasses isn’t very pretty. I go to an optometrist get the exam and prescription. Then it’s pick out the frames and then PAY! Really, for a ‘simple’ reading glass prescription it was over $150.00. I was UNINFORMED so I paid and thought I was happy. I could see again. A few days later a friend told me about reading glasses at his pharmacy or discount super store for less than $10.00 – you can also pick them up at dollar stores for $1.00.

Now, I need bifocals and recently found out about an on line prescription eye glass service – Zenni:


OK! I surfed this site. It is GREAT! Yes the prices range from $6.95 to $40.00 or so, for progressive bifocal. If you need a single vision prescription you can get it for $6.95. There are many styles to choose from. Believe me it’s really a cool WEB site – and it could save you $100’s of dollars for each pair, depending on the complexity of the prescription. I got my progressive bifocals for $40.00.

By the way, this WEB Site was brought to my attention by one of our students. She has been using it for years for herself and family. She gives it high marks for quality and service – AND has saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars!!

Make sure you have a prescription from your eye doctor. You’ll need this when you go on-line to purchase your high quality/low cost prescription eye glasses.

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