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I don’t know about you but for the longest time I was using my cell phone for all my calls. While at home my cell was somewhere where I wasn’t when I needed to make a call or answer it. However, a landline phone always seemed to be near. My monthly land-line bill was between $80.00 and $100.00 a month. I wanted to cancel it but I thought I needed it. Then I found XLINK.  It costs approximately $80.00 bucks. It syncs with your cell phone via Bluetooth. You simply plug it in a phone jack in your wall and it enables all your corded or cordless phones at home or in your office to make and receive calls through your cell phone. Almost any cell phone with Bluetooth will work with XLINK.

It’s cool! It works!! It’s the easiest thing I ever did to save a $100.00 bucks a month!!

XLINK at Amazon.com


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