Welcome to The Weekly B.E.T.™ (Budget Enhancing Tip) from your friends at Prosperity Training, Inc. Every Wednesday we’ll post The Weekly B.E.T.™, fulfilling in part, our commitment to help you reduce expenses and put more hard earned money back in your pocket. Our #1 goal is to help you achieve the continuous improvement of your personal monetary affairs.

Starting at age 19 Jill starts to invest $2,000 a year or $167.00 a month into a stock market index fund returning an average or 8% a year. If she can’t do it all on her own it would be the GREATEST gift her parents/grandparents could give her!

After 7 years – by the time she is 26 she can STOP investing. Just don’t touch the principle which is now worth $19,547.47. By the time she is 65 it will be worth $1,566,026.51.

If you want the Excel spreadsheet please email me and I’ll send it to you.

BONUS B.E.T.™ — Don’t sign up for store credit cards!

Almost every store I shop seems to offer me a 10% (or something like that) discount if I just sign up for their charge card/credit card. While tempting it’s not worth it for several reasons. First, the interest rates are often INCREDIBLY high, some approaching 30% annually. That means for every $100.00 you leave on the card they charge you $30.00 a year. Second, the card tempts you to go back to the store and charge more since their logo is loudly branded on it. Third, every time you open a new credit card account, you not only get a small negative impact on your credit report, but you slightly increase your chances of identity theft. For these and possibly other reasons we believe a store credit card simply isn’t worth it.

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